Our mission is:

To provide people-oriented solutions to traffic, transport and other issues for our clients and the community.

Our name represents what our business is all about:

“SPO” refers to Solutions that are People-Oriented;

“TTO” refers to Traffic, Transport and Other solutions.

We offer high level traffic and transport solutions, and being based in a regional area gives us a great understanding of regional areas and their requirements, as well as close proximity and responsiveness for our customers. We therefore offer excellent value for money.

In addition, we are also able to offer services in general civil engineering and project consulting, as well as consultation and training.

What do you mean by
"people-oriented solutions"?

Exactly as the name implies. We focus on the underlying needs of those at the heart of the issue: people.

A couple of examples:

Instead of responding to the call for "more car parks in front of my business", we look at "how can we better use car parking, cycling and walking so that customers can access the business?"

(Because, let's face it, people buy your products and services, not the cars!)

Instead of responding to the call for "more roads in my suburb so I can drive into the shops in town more easily", we look at "why aren't there more shops close by?"

(Wouldn't you rather be having a nice walk to a nearby shop than being stuck in traffic?)

Key Personnel

Steven Swann

Award-winning traffic and transport manager with more than 20 years of experience planning, designing and constructing a range of civil infrastructure.

Respected leader of multi-disciplinary teams with ability to communicate with a range of stakeholders using a variety of media to develop and implement successful strategies.

Experienced in the implementation of infrastructure with a people-centred focus.